How to Accessorize for Sorority Events

How to Accessorize for Sorority Events

June 17, 2021
By Emily Tinoco

If there is one thing you have to know about sorority life, it's that it’s all about fashion...well kinda. Don’t get me wrong, building the friendships I have now with my girls is something I will always cherish, but I have to admit, one of my favorite things about Greek Life was being able to dress up and go to different events. If it were not for my sorority, I would be stuck in my room in sweatpants and an old t-shirt all the time.

Choosing what I was always going to wear was just half the struggle. Accessorizing my outfit was the other half. But it doesn’t have to be! Below I have compiled a list of my favorite ways to accessorize different outfits and my favorite places to shop!

If you think the only way to accessorize an outfit is by putting on jewelry, think again. You’d be surprised how many different ways you can elevate your outfit! Let’s jump in.


Hoop earrings and simple gold jewelry look great for sorority events

Of course, the first is jewelry. If you are anything like me, you like to keep things simple. I prefer to opt for simple gold jewelry and mostly stick to the same pieces all the time. However, experimenting with earnings is my favorite so I’ll alternate those from time to time. My biggest tip: go for simple pieces and let your other accessories shine through! Also, do not be afraid to leave your smart watch at home please.

The Dream has some of the cutest jewelry pieces for your everyday look! Not only that, it is a small business co-founded by Alyssa Perez, a Latina woman.


I can never leave my place without a handbag, mostly because I like to take so many things with me! A purse is the second best way I like to dress up my outfit for the day. My favorite brand thus far has been Coach.

Small clutches and handbags for sorority events

Not only is it pretty affordable, Coach is a classic and very good quality. If you go thrifting, you can even find some gorgeous vintage pieces! Either way, I think the best way to look for unique handbags is to thrift them! I recommend a shoulder or clutch/pouch.


Short heels are great for pairing with a rush dress

The type of shoe you wear can completely change your look. I know your white sneakers are so tempting, but if you spent all that time getting ready, you might as well go for some beautiful shoes. Personally, heeled sandals or platforms are my favorite for summer.

They can be very comfortable too! I also prefer to look taller so heeled shoes work in my favor. I have a go-to platform from Target that I love. But Steve Madden and Marc Fisher also have really nice designs.


Something you might not have thought of is your mani and pedi! Equally as important to your outfit. My go to: pink polish for my manicure and a french pedicure. However, if you are more bold, you can go for a ton of different colors and designs. Nail art is just one more way you can show off your unique fashion sense. Check out this Black artist’s press on nails on Insta!

Bold nails are a great way to add a bit of personality into your sorority event outfit


Some cute sorority hair accessories

Last but not least: your hairstyle! Something I have been trying to get better at is doing something different with my hair. It is so easy to want to leave my hair as is or do some quick curls, but doing different hairstyles can be such a game changer! My favorite new hairstyle is a voluminous blowout! It works so well with my hair since I have layers.

Another quick go-to is a high ponytail. This will also help your earrings and necklaces that you wear stand out. In addition to your hairdo, you can add hair pieces. Simple clips are my favorite. Not only do they hold your hair in place. They also look super cute. Check out this super cute hair accessory business!

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